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UT Smart Apps: Automated Planning for New Grid Connections

UT Smart Apps by AED-SICAD SSP Partner

What if One Tool Helped You Save Millions in Planning? 

Enter, UT Smart Apps  

You've been in this situation before. A request comes in to connect an electricity source to your network. You send it over to your engineers, who assess the feasibility of the installation. Days later, you have your answer.  What if an app could do all your calculations in a half hour, and free up two days for your engineers — every time?  Meet the UT Smart Apps from AED-SICAD.

What are the UT Smart Apps? 

The UT Smart Apps are a set of web-based tools that automates the electrical engineering tasks associated with assessing new grid connections. The apps are already saving utilities millions of dollars in reduced planning hours.  

Made by German Esri Platinum Partner AED-SICAD, these apps shave on average 15 hours off every new grid connection assessment. The apps are becoming popular as consumers demand more renewable energy sources, such as home solar panels. 

With the UT Smart Apps, you can:  

  • Reduce the time it takes to perform electrical engineering assessments 
  • Automate the repetitive, manual planning process  
  • Simulate grid installations for renewables and regular power connections 
  • Take into account ALL GIS considerations, every time  
  • Understand the full impact and potential dangers of an installation to your low-voltage network  
  • Free your engineers from a cumbersome, manual analytical process to perform other work  

Ready to Try the UT Smart Apps? Contact Dean Perry or Dave Blodgett at SSP Today 

SSP Innovations is the sole U.S. distributor and implementer of the time- and money-saving UT Smart Apps solution. Contact us today to discuss your interest in the UT Smart Apps.  

Want to Know More? Please Check Out These Additional Resources

We encourage you to access and share this GeoConX presentation to see a real-life representation of the UT Smart Apps saving utilities money. You may also check out AED-SICAD's additional information on the apps here. Finally, in advance of the 2017 Esri User Conference, Esri released this guest blog post outlying the benefits of the UT Smart Apps.