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State Zero Lets MTEMC Perform Maintenance

State 0 for MTEMC maintenance

Largest TN Co-op Protects SE Designer™ Versions with Proprietary SSP Solution

Status: Completed

State Zero for MTEMC logoThe needMiddle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation (MTEMC) needs to get to State Zero (State 0) to improve data integrity, performance, and efficiency. 

The background: MTEMC is the U.S.’s 5th largest electrical distribution coop.  MTEMC powers 215,000 members in four counties. The utility manages 11,000 miles of energized line on its ArcGIS platform. 

MTEMC Needed to Get to State Zero for Critical Maintenance

MTEMC uses Schneider Electric ArcFM™ Designer. Like many Designer™ shops, they maintain a significant number of geodatabase versions that are integral to their day-to-day business and, therefore, believed getting to State Zero was impossible. 

The utility needed to perform critical maintenance, however, to improve performance and efficiency of the GIS. 

Why SSP for the State Zero Project?

Already a trusted and strategic GIS advisor for MTEMC, SSP recommended its unique and proprietary All Edits State Zero solution, built to resolve this exact issue for Designer™ customers. They hired SSP to bring them to State Zero to perform the critical maintenance while keeping their designs safe. 

12+ Improvements to Performance, Integrity, and Efficiency 

After safely extracting the outstanding design versions, SSP brought MTEMC to State Zero, where the team then performed more than a dozen maintenance activities. The maintenance took place without interrupting daily work. 

All versions were successfully replayed into the Designer™ environment after the completion of the maintenance, so daily GIS users noticed no changes afterwards, except for the functional, data, and performance improvements.  

Because of the proven ability of SSP to extract versions and safely replay them into the geodatabase, some have called its All Edits State Zero solution “Open Heart Surgery for the GIS.” Learn more about All Edits State 0 here

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