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SSP Innovations Video Presentations

  • Transformer Load Analysis

    Transformer Load Analysis at MTEMC with ArcGIS Online [4:45]

    Every electric utility regularly deals with transformer replacements. Transformers encounter issues related to everything from animals, theft, lightning, voltage changes, fires, and, of course, sizing issues. Middle Tennessee Electric (MTEMC) used a sleek blend of technology to aggregate, analyze, query, and report on their current transformer installations by comparing customer consumption against Rated KVA. The results were made available in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and visually in ArcGIS Online to drive new enterprise decisions both in the field and the back office.

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  • Future of GIS

    Future of GIS - Moving to a System of Engagement [50:33]

    The GIS has been a mission critical system within organizations for many years supporting planning, analysis, design, and recovery workflows. But the technological landscape of GIS continues to change at a rapid pace... While this presents a challenge to keep up, the organizations at the forefront of the technology are realizing significant ROI by expanding their usage of geographic data in new and exciting ways. We will review the foundational components of a GIS that every organization should have in place along with the best patterns for embracing the change as GIS evolves from an application to a true enterprise platform. Our joint goal is to support the entire organization by making map-based apps available anywhere, on any device, to every department. The future of GIS is now, don't be left in the past!

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