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SSP Innovations Video Presentations

  • Esri Utility Network Electric Tracing

    Esri Utility Network Electric Tracing [6:27]

    Esri has built many of the most common utility traces directly into the new Esri Utility Network. In this video we review several electric traces that are used by our customers every day including a full circuit trace, upstream trace, downstream trace, and protective device trace.

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  • Esri Geometric Network to Utility Network Migration

    Esri Geometric Network to Utility Network Migration [10:55]

    SSP Innovations has created a configurable migration tool to move your current Esri geometric network utility data into the new Esri Utility Network. This includes configurable mappings for each feature class and subtype with options for offsetting features, promoting units to features, trimming lines, and more. SSP includes a full QAQC step where the user can validate all connectivity associations, structural attachment associations, and containment associations visually within Esri ArcMap before importing to Esri ArcGIS Pro and the Esri Utility Network.

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  • Cityworks for Electric Transformer Inspections

    Cityworks for Electric Transformer Inspections [9:55]

    Cityworks can be used as an Asset Management System for Electric and Gas utilities. In this video we explore a transformer inspection use case showing how the back office Cityworks platform works seamlessly with Cityworks mobile for iOS.

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  • custom support

    How Can Custom Support Help Me? [12:53]

    ​​Hiring externally to maintain the quality and proper function of your GIS customizations and integrations can be a lifesaver for your users and allows your administrators to focus on system improvement initiatives. SSP’s Director of Sales Dean Perry explains the what, why, how and who behind this popular program that SSP and others offer.

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  • Authentication Options for ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS

    Authentication Options for ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS [10:15]

    One of the most challenging topics when implementing the Esri platform is how authentication will be handled. There are significant implications around ArcGIS Online and/or Portal that will be driven by your decisions on this topic. Within this video, SSP Innovations’ Skye Perry details the most popular options surrounding authentication for your portal.

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  • ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS

    ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS [3:49]

    In this video, SSP answers the question that so many of our customers ask us. Should I choose ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS?

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  • Fiber Manager™ Model

    Fiber Manager™ Model [10:17]

    Schneider Electric’s Fiber Manager™ model relies heavily upon related records. These related records often confuse our clients in the construction of ArcFM™ Favorites. In this video, we break down the entire OOTB 10.2.1 model from its feature classes to the bottom-most related objects.

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  • MTEMC's State 0 Change

    MTEMC's State 0 Change [18:42]

    MTEMC recently completed a major project to merge multiple geodatabases into a single new GDB, apply data model changes along with corresponding data migration, and to implement voltage levels with feeder manager 2.0 to provide connectivity upstream of a circuit breaker. Several of these changes required the geodatabase to be at state 0 (no versions). MTEMC utilized SSP All Edits State Zero technology to successfully complete this project while maintaining their 1700+ design versions.

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  • Esri User Conference 2016

    Esri User Conference 2016: A Video Recap! [2:03]

    A short recap of our time at the Esri User Conference!

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  • Esri Versioning Overview

    Esri Versioning Overview [11:18]

    Are you a GIS manager who wants and/or needs to understand Esri versioning? This is one of the most common topics we are asked about in the consulting field and a good one to unpack here in layman’s terms. We created this whiteboard video (and our free Versioning eBook) to help you understand versioning as well as provide you some useful version management tips and tools. There are many articles out there that define what versioning is but we’re going to attempt to get behind the scenes to look at how versioning works. In Esri's simple definition, versioning "is the mechanism that enables concurrent multiuser geodatabase editing in Esri ArcSDE geodatabases." This is a good place to start. Versioning is one of the true benefits of enterprise GIS because it allows multiple users to be editing the same geographic area and even the same database record at the same point in time. Each user edits the data within their own version in the geodatabase and then Esri ArcSDE provides the tools to merge those edits into the master public version.

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