SSP WFM Integrated to Cityworks Asset Management

November 30, 2016 — Skye Perry  [26:13]

SSP created a new integration between its Workforce Management (now called SSP Lifecycle) product and Cityworks Asset Management System (Cityworks AMS). This integration shows the power of a capital work design system being used to drive work and asset association within the Cityworks asset management system. Integration points include passing an approved design estimate and the as-built updates from SSP WFM to Cityworks.

Learn how the SSP Lifecycle / WFM and Cityworks AMS integration allows utilities to gain better control over, visibility into, and efficiencies with their capital work management and asset management workflows. This integration is available to all U.S. utilities who manage their asset and work workflows on an Esri-based GIS.

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Skye Perry is the CEO for SSP Innovations and has provided technical architecture, development, and management solutions for GIS-centered implementations since 2000. Skye’s roots tie back to Convergent Group, Miner & Miner, and Enspiria Solutions where he has focused on implementing Esri GIS customizations and system integrations. Today Skye is Read more

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