How Can Custom Support Help Me?

August 10, 2016 — Dean Perry  [12:53]

​​Hiring custom support staff externally from award-winning Esri partners can help you better maintain the quality and proper function of your GIS customizations and integrations. In fact, custom support might be a lifesaver for your users, and it also allows your administrators to focus on system improvement initiatives. SSP Innovations’ Director of Sales Dean Perry explains the who, what, why, and how behind the popular support option that SSP and others offer.

Interested about the three specific support option SSP provides? Check out the SSP support overview here. You’ll see a breakdown of the various types of support and will be able to research the best type for your particular needs.

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Dean Perry managed client relations in several industries before diving into GIS in early 2011. He now heads up the SSP Sales and Account Management Department and manages a team responsible for all business development and customer satisfaction. Operating in the Austin, Texas area, Dean’s passion is for meeting and Read more

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