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SSP Innovations Video Presentations

  • Jeff Garcia: What's the SSP iLLUMINATE Agenda X Factor? [0:38]

    Jeff Garcia of Garland Power & Light (GP&L) highlights the utility network and other SSP iLLUMINATE agenda items he didn't want to miss!

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  • Isaac King: What Sets SSP iLLUMINATE Apart? [0:56]

    If SSP Innovations gives so much content away for free online, what do they provide in person? Isaac King explains what made him want to come to the inaugural SSP iLLUMINATE event in Denver.

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  • Matt Augustine: How Does SSP iLLUMINATE Help Plan a Utility Roadmap? [0:30]

    Matt Augustine of Midwest Energy explains how SSP iLLUMINATE helped him better understand his organization's five-year roadmap for utility GIS and digital integrations.

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  • Duane Holt: Why Was SSP iLLUMINATE a Must for You? [0:51]

    Duane Holt of IREA explains why the utility network and SSP Innovations team drew him to the inaugural SSP iLLUMINATE event.

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  • Trey Price: Why Does SSP iLLUMINATE Excite You? [0:37]

    What gets Trey Price (formerly GISP of DME) excited about coming to SSP iLLUMINATE? Hear from GIS Jesus himself at the 2017 SSP iLLUMINATE social.

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  • SSP @ GeoConX 2017 Recap [1:33]

    A short recap of our amazing time at Esri GeoConX 2017

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  • SSP @ Esri UC 2017 [2:13]

    A quick look back at the 2017 Esri User Conference, SSP Style!

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  • 2017 Esri Partner Conference – Dean Perry's Exclusive Interview [1:43]

    Dean Perry, Director of Sales at SSP Innovations, discusses the company’s partnership with Esri and its mission of providing value and expertise to its customers as a trusted advisor.

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  • SSP iLLUMINATE 2017 Closing Session Video

    SSP iLLUMINATE 2017 Closing Session Video [3:22]

    More than 100 attendees came out to the Denver Hilton Inverness to join SSP in our inaugural conference event, SSP iLLUMINATE. Watch the video recap to see how the conference went in the three-minute clip above.

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  • Utility Network Webinar

    Utility Network Webinar: Users Provide First Impression [59:42]

    This webinar offers you an exclusive look at the first utility to get its hands on the Esri Utility Network Beta, IREA, and what they thought of their experience.

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