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SSP Innovations Video Presentations

  • SSP iLLUMINATE 2017 Closing Session Video

    SSP iLLUMINATE 2017 Closing Session Video [3:22]

    More than 100 attendees came out to the Denver Hilton Inverness to join SSP in our inaugural conference event, SSP iLLUMINATE. Watch the video recap to see how the conference went in the three-minute clip above.

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  • Utility Network: Users Provide First Impression [59:42]

    This webinar offers you an exclusive look at the first utility to get its hands on the Utility Network Beta, IREA, and what they thought of their experience.

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  • SSP Utility Network Jumpstart [0:57]

    SSP's Utility Network Jumpstart Package Gets You Hands-On Experience! With the Utility Network Jumpstart, SSP staff comes to your office for a two-day workshop. We configure your licensing, connect you to our Utility Network sandbox, and walk you through common utility workflows with Esri sample data. The Jumpstart gets you running in as little as one hour.

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  • Esri Utility Network - Load Summary Report Using Electric Network Data [5:06]

    The features of Esri's Utility Network (now in beta) can be utilized to generate reports using the built-in chart features of ArcGIS Pro.

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  • SSP All Edits Report Shows Feature Level Audit History [6:28]

    The SSP All Edits Report & QAQC Tool has been updated to allow users to search for an individual feature's audit history across multiple versions. This allows us to see when a feature was created, updated, and deleted. Check out the new tools which will soon be available to customers.

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  • Capital Work Design and Estimating in Cityworks [42:36]

    Cityworks provides a mature AMS for managing your as-built assets inclusive of facility inspection and maintenance programs. Electric, gas, and water utilities also require an advanced capital work design system with the ability to generate multiple design estimates prior to the asset work being completed. Join us as we explore the integration of SSP's work design system, Workforce Management, along with Cityworks AMS and Storeroom to provide a complete end-to-end solution for utilities.

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  • Esri Utility Network - Can You Trace by Phase? [No Sound] [1:18]

    Tying into our last post on Electric Tracing, many of our readers asked us if we could demonstrate how the new Utility Network could be used to trace by phase. While phase is not automatically built into the Utility Network, it can be configured using network attributes. This powerful functionality closes the gap allowing Esri to provide customers with comprehensive electric data management.

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  • Overview of All Edits State 0 [6:54]

    For those who aren't familiar with the concept of State 0, this means getting rid of all of your Esri versions, compressing the geodatabase to move your edits from the Add & Delete tables to the base tables, and then most often un-versioning your geodatabase which completely removes the Add & Delete tables.

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  • Esri Utility Network - Gas Editing with Containers and Group Templates [5:41]

    The new Esri Utility Network provides us with advanced editing tools to manage connected features. In this demonstration we will explore using containment associations to place a regulator station assembly and its related content including the regulator device, the valves, fittings, etc. The content can be hidden from the primary map view while still maintaining connectivity.

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  • SSP WFM Integrated to Cityworks Asset Management [26:13]

    SSP created a new integration between it's Workforce Management (WFM) product and Cityworks Asset Management System (AMS). This integration shows the power of a capital work design system being used to drive work and asset association within the Cityworks AMS. Integration points include passing an approved design estimate and the as-built updates from WFM to Cityworks.

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