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SSP Lifecycle Assets

SSP Lifecycle AssetsSimplify Your Asset Management

SSP Lifecycle Assets from SSP Innovations is a cyclical asset management solution for utility, pipeline, and telecommunications operators. With SSP Lifecycle Assets, you can digitally track and locate your high-value assets as they move in and out of the field. 

How Does SSP Lifecycle Assets Work?

SSP Lifecycle Assets is a secure, web-based application that tracks any asset's full history. Whether you work with transformers, capacitors, or another asset that goes in and out of the field. By tracking the full asset lifecycle, this makes it easier for your teams to meet and document regulatory compliance, as well as track depreciation as your assets are installed, reinstalled, and pulled out of the field to be put back in stock. Through every life event of your assets, the SSP Lifecycle Assets solution is there.  

Why Select SSP Lifecycle Assets?

At SSP, we have more than 400 years' combined experience working with organizations like yours. This has helped us understand to a granular degree the real workflow challenges your teams — both GIS and related departments — face when managing cyclical assets. We also understand how this rolls up to your larger business objectives. That's why we created SSP Lifecycle Assets. 

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