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Full-Scale Data for Full-Scale AMI Testing

Go live with your advanced metering infrastructure knowing that your system will consistently perform under the pressure of daily operations. SSP AMI Sim gives you the power to fully test your advanced metering infrastructure—at scale, before a single meter is deployed. With the ability to simulate millions of meter readings along with hundreds of conditions and events, it is the only solution that generates the data you need to fully test your AMI integrations, validate reporting requirements, and ensure your infrastructure is adequately sized for production operations. For the first time, you can exhaustively test your system before you move into production.

Better AMI Testing for Better AMI Performance

SSP AMI Sim enables a level of testing that goes well beyond anything that has been done before. It is the only solution that generates data for testing at scale and it is the only solution that can simulate the varied alarms and events that are impossible to reproduce with live meters. Issues that historically could only be surfaced during live operations, or as more and more meters were deployed, are easily simulated with SSP AMI Sim.

SSP AMI Sim generates interval data, register reads, and event data for any number of electric, gas, and water meters. With the ability to simulate meter exchanges, outages, gaps, spikes, and backfill, you can test your system against virtually any scenario that might disrupt the flow of data across the system.

Fully Validate Critical Integrations

SSP AMI Sim fits easily into your AMI testing plan. Once your critical MDM integrations are complete, you can start using data from SSP AMI Sim for testing. Test data is generated based on your meter files and delivered according to your schedule.

SSP AMI Sim can generate millions of data points in a matter of minutes. For the first time, you can safeguard your system against hundreds of known problems before any meters are deployed, without adding significant time or cost to your schedule.

How it Works

Jobs are set up, saved, and scheduled through a simple user interface. You can choose specific parameters to test or generate random issues to apply to either a specific or random selection of meters.

Picture2SSP AMI Sim picks up new meter information and jobs every day, simulating the exchange process. Processed data is delivered back to your secure site for validation. Testing on your end involves confirming that meter information efficiently arrives intact in the right place in the MDM and downstream systems.

Rollout without Risk

SSP AMI Sim eliminates much of the risk inherent to AMI roll outs. No longer do you have to move to production with a minefield of issues waiting to happen. With a forward view of your full production system, you can find and correct issues before they become large scale problems months or even years down the road. SSP AMI Sim puts you in control of a smooth deployment—from the first meter installed right through to full production.