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Your Clear Path to AMI ROI

Realizing the expected return on your advanced metering infrastructure comes down to one thing – achieving a quality network that consistently meets performance targets. When the system works as it should, AMI has enormous potential in transforming service delivery. When performance slips, so do the returns promised by AMI.

SSP AMI Ops gives you complete visibility into your AMI operations. Timely information about meter, network, and transformer performance gives you a clear picture of what is happening in your operations and what actions to take to correct or avoid issues. Complex, behind-the-scenes analyses surface problems before they start, eliminate unknowns, and give you better insight into your network than ever before.

From initial deployment through daily operations, SSP AMI Ops has a measurable impact on:

  • AMI Network Performance
  • Distribution Asset Health
  • Meter-to-Cash Performance

Direct Answers to Critical Questions

SSP AMI Ops gives you a comprehensive set of tools for managing the AMI network. It surfaces information for you and gives you direct answers to critical questions about your AMI operations. An elevated view of your operations makes it easy to predict asset performance and keep your finger on the pulse of the entire system at once.

  • AMI Network Performance Manage and continually improve the AMI network. SSP AMI OPS puts meaning behind alarms and issues on the network and gives you credible info you can act on to improve performance and ensure service levels are being met. PDA constantly monitors network performance against your vendor service level agreements and provides daily status reports to help you understand how your system is working and where potential problems lie. A spatial view of communications pathways lets you quickly identify overloaded meters and drill down to the root cause of network issues. By getting to the root of problems, you can make system improvements that have a lasting effect on performance.
  • Distribution Asset Health Continuously improve distribution network performance. SSP AMI OPS gives you an extra level of intelligence about what is happening in the distribution network.  A spatial view of your AMI alerts and alarms in relation to the distribution network lets you easily find faults in the system and make necessary improvements before there is a negative impact.
  • Meter-to-Cash Performance Stop revenue losses and billing issues before they start. SSP AMI OPS provides daily reports and weekly summaries of AMI performance in delivering meter read information to the MDM. System weaknesses can be isolated and corrected before revenue is affected.

Better Answers. Better Outcomes

SSP AMI OPS is built solely for the purpose of applying the volumes of data generated by AMI to continually managing, improving, and pulling value out of the system. While generic analytic solutions can be fit to the problem, they often fall short in providing an accurate picture of the story the data is telling.

SSP AMI OPS is architected to get to the heart of AMI performance issues. At its core is a multi-dimensional data model that allows for efficient processing of billions of data points to highlight issues and generate action reports. Data can be sliced and diced to get the information you need. Answers to common questions about load, consumption, and asset performance are pre-aggregated and presented to users, eliminating the need for ad-hoc queries.

Built on leading cloud infrastructure, SSP AMI OPS is quick to implement and slips easily into your business process so you can start realizing benefit in a matter of weeks. Cloud hosting protects data, minimizes costs, and provides built-in scalability and reliability.