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Service Request Workflow

Visio WorkflowBecause every utility has its own custom workflow, SSP Lifecycle Work (formerly WFM) has been designed with a fully configurable workflow engine that can support as many different job statuses and departments as needed.

All Lifecycle Work projects begin with documenting a utility's full workflow from work creation through close out.

Upon completion of this process, the documented workflow will provide the required information to configure the Lifecycle Work solution to match the utility's process throughout the remainder of the project.

The workflow is configured within the Lifecycle Work database and can be entered by using the Lifecycle Work Administration Tool. This module allows users to configure the transitions between the job statuses as well as the allowed security permissions that can execute the transition.

This same location also allows for the configuration of either product or custom tasks. A task can be as simple as functionality that executes during a transition or can be a wizard that will be shown to the user to gather additional data, prompt for a decision or perform any additional processing as needed.

 The following screenshot shows the workflow configuration screen including the ability to configure custom tasks. A higher resolution screenshot can be viewed in the gallery at the bottom of the page. 

SSP can demonstrate example workflows within Lifecycle Work and provide guidance surrounding modeling your workflow into the application. The key is that the system will support your workflow and can be administered without extensive training by a client system administrator.

The workflow is then consumed by the Lifecycle Work web application and the available transitions are shown to the user in the SR Action panel.

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