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Material Ordering

Ordering or reserving materials becomes significantly easier in an automated work order system. SSP Lifecycle Work (formerly WFM) allows users to create estimates using compatible units (CU's) and the Lifecycle Work CU's are mapped directly to a list of material stock items. This functionality allows the system to generate material orders in a number of differing formats.

At the simplest level, a material picklist can be generated as an attachment to the Lifecycle Work, work order and sent to the warehouse via email. Like many items, this can be configured as a workflow item within Lifecycle Work and a wizard used to finalize the order details. The wizard will allow the user to confirm the materials to be ordered, adjust quantities if needed, and/or add & remove items from the order:
Material Order

Next, the wizard prompts the user to enter the order header details including the order type, delivery date, and delivery location. Partial orders can be placed and those individual CU's will be marked as ordered so they can be easily removed from future orders. This will be included with the material order to provide the warehouse with the necessary information for fulfillment and delivery.
Material Order

The order can then be generated in various formats. Typically, the order will also be automatically attached directly to the work order within Lifecycle Work so that the details are recorded for future reference.
Material Order

The order could also be organized by CU and/or by work location as needed, and can be generated in various formats - simple text, Excel, HTML - based on the preference of your warehouse. In more advanced cases, an automatic reservation integration can be built between Lifecycle Work and your material reservation system where this same level of detailed data can be digitally submitted based on the work order number and/or charge code.

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