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Estimating Tools

Once the Work Request has been created, a compatible unit (CU) estimate can be created using the Lifecycle Work (formerly WFM) estimate control. This control allows the engineer/Designer to install or remove CU’s, materials, or fixed cost items using Lifecycle Work's type-ahead controls. The material, equipment, and labor totals are maintained as the estimate is updated. Labor-/equipment-only CU’s can be used for maintenance jobs.

Estimation Tool provides easy access to streamlined costing data

The Lifecycle Work estimate tool was designed with a group of engineering users to provide streamlined data entry while maintaining easy access to all of the costing data that affects the design. The individual CU’s can be expanded to view the individual resources that make up the CU including material, equipment, and labor. The individual component costing is not displayed on this screen to avoid showing labor rates to end users but this data is being consumed behind the scenes to ensure the costing conforms to the company’s standards. Estimated quantities can be updated at either CU or the individual material level within the estimate control. In addition to the CU/material codes used to represent the estimate components, descriptions can be seen at all levels by hovering the mouse over the line items on the estimate.

The fixed cost accounts payable (AP) section of the estimate form allows engineers to add estimated costs that may not be represented by a CU. These items might include work that would be subcontracted to other firms or materials purchased from outside sources.

The estimate can be viewed in the CU tree view as shown above or viewed strictly at the material level. These views can be changed interactively by the user to provide maximum flexibility when editing the estimate.

Feature Screenshots