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Compatible Unit Management

The Lifecycle Work (formerly WFM) application provides tools to create and manage a compatible unit (CU) library. Most existing utility CU libraries can be imported into Lifecycle Work with minimal translation and the tools can be used to maintain them going forward. Lifecycle Work provides intuitive tools to interact with, add, and manage the CU's within the library:
Easily create and manage CUs

This same tool is used to configure the materials, labor and equipment assigned to each compatible unit. This configuration is the foundation for all estimating and tracking of work within Lifecycle Work. These resources are associated to the CU based on the work function so that an install can have a specific set of materials, equipment and labor whereas a removal may not have any material. The system calculates total costs for each resource type as well as a total cost of the CU by work function.
Easily configure materials, labor and equipment

Similar controls are available for editing the available materials, equipment, and labor. Advanced tools allow for the searching and replacement of existing resources and compatible units across all open work requests. The result of these toolsets allows Lifecycle Work to be a self-sustaining, configuration-driven work management system.

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