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Cityworks Asset Management For Utilities & Telecommunications

Cityworks is for utilities and telecommunications (telco) companies too! Here is why Asset Management built for cities works for network operators.

Enterprise Asset Management (Scroll for Video)

As a utility or telecommunications professional, you balance a lot. You manage assets, service requests, inspections and work orders. You report in near real time on everything from budget to field conditions, so you stay prepared for the future. And you face critical compliance standards in the meantime.

What if there were a system that managed all your assets, integrated with GIS, and also helped simplify finances?   

Centralize with Cityworks 

Cityworks sits on top of your geodatabase. This approach creates a spatially enabled picture of your assets along with finances and workflows. Unlike external asset management systems, Cityworks is a turnkey solution built to leverage the value of your existing network data.

Why Cityworks for Utilities and Telcos?

Network operators from coast to coast are increasingly choosing Cityworks for their asset management system. That’s because Cityworks bolts onto the enterprise GIS you already use and love. Cityworks centralizes work, budgeting, predictive analysis, reporting, and cyclical maintenance planning while leveraging your existing investment in GIS. It ties your work activities to your asset locations, so you get the full picture of your network health, costs, and future trends. You cut redundant labor, eliminate paper and spreadsheet nightmares, and easily report on the current state of your asset and budget.

WATCH: Cityworks for Electric Inspections [10-Min Demo]

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