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SSP Projects: Overview of Recent Work

On average, SSP projects start within two weeks of the contract being signed. One-hundred percent of SSP clients would use SSP again. Here are a few of our completed and ongoing projects. Check back as more work is added regularly.  

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ArcFM™ Solutions 
ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS for Desktop
Enterprise GIS & GIS Roadmapping
State Zero

SSP AssetLife (SSP Transformer Manager)

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ArcFM™ Solutions

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ArcGIS Online

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ArcGIS for Desktop

SSP Projects 10.2.1 Upgrade MTEMC      SSP Projects synergi asset integrity at DCPUD

10.2.1 Upgrade Keeps

MTEMC On Cutting-Edge

And On the Esri Roadmap

ArcGIS for Desktop

Synergi Improves Asset

Integrity at DCPUD

Synergi, SSP WFM, ArcFM,

Designer, Fiber Manager,

ArcFM Viewer for Engine

SSP Projects Transformer Lifecycle Management GP&L      SSP Projects ArcGIS at NIPSCO

ArcGIS Integration

Enables Transformer

Lifecycle Management

ArcMap, ArcIMS, ArcSDE,

ArcFM™, SQL Server

ArcGIS Implementation


AutoCad for Mapping

ArcMap, ArcIMS, ArcSDE,

ArcFM™, Citrix, SQL Server

SSP Projects ArcGIS, ArcFM(TM) Implementation GP&L      

ArcGIS, ArcFMGet

GP&L Off Paper Maps

ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcSDE,

SQL Server, ArcFM™

10.2.1 Project Upgrades

Large Midwestern Utility GIS

ArcGIS for Desktop

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Enterprise GIS & GIS Roadmapping

SSP Projects phmsa tracking and traceability mlgw      SSP Projects enterprise gis at energyunited

Mobile GIS Simplifies

PHMSA Compliance

ArcMap, ArcFM™,

Trimble Units, Enterprise GDB

Enterprise GIS Truly

Unifies EnergyUnited

ArcMap, ArcFM, ArcGIS Online,

ArcGIS for Server, ArcSDE for

Oracle 11G, Esri Solution Templates,

ArcGIS Explorer, Collector for ArcGIS

SSP Projects gis roadmapping roseville      

GIS Roadmap Creates

Rosier Future

ArcGIS, ArcFM™,

SQL Server

DNV GL Roadmap Preps

Utility for New Deployments

Synergi, ArcGIS, UPDM

Utility Network, Esri APR Tools

SSP Projects Enterprise GIS Douglas County PUD      SSP Projects three part solution for data driven transformer management decisions at mtemc

Enterprise GIS

Transforms PUD

Esri ArcGIS, ArcFM Designer™,

Fiber Manager™, SSP WFM,

SSP AssetLife,

Integrations, Custom Reports

Three-Part Solution

Drives Data-Driven

Decisions for Transformer

Activity at MTEMC

ArcMap, CIS


Enterprise GIS Roadmap

Helps Utility Consolidate

Disparate Systems

Enterrpise GDB, ArcGIS Online,

StakeOut, Dispatch OMS

Windmill, Various Other Systems

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State Zero

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Workforce Management

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