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Solution-Oriented Approach

If you talk with SSP leadership for more than a few minutes you are bound to hear the term solution-oriented consulting come up (at least once). And that's because we are passionate about this concept. 

We believe that far too much time is spent selling specific technology and services. We say this knowing that this is our bread and butter and what we deliver every day.... but our approach should be different.

Here at SSP, we believe in working with customers to tackle their business and workflow challenges, as opposed to trying to sell a software package. When we only focus on the software, we often miss significant opportunities to make a real difference in the end users' life. This occurs because we get overly tied up in the benefits we believe the software will bring to a user group.

In contrast, when we focus on finding innovative solutions to business operational and workflow-related challenges we open up many new possibilities.

As a software consulting firm, software and services are always going to be a part of our solution. Our goal is to understand, document, and analyze your business to allow us to provide a best-of-breed solution that will exceed the business requirements.

Various pieces of product software, customizations, and systems integration may be blended into the solution, but the end game is all about finding a solution that bridges the five patterns of GIS to maximize value for the customer.
Gas Customer Analysis Five Patterns

This is Esri's image and they deserve full credit for it - an image speaks a thousand words. SSP's job as an Esri partner is to bring this concept into reality through solution oriented consulting.

So if you might be interested in working with us you can certainly inquire about a specific software package, product, or technology. But don't be surprised when we take a personal interest in how you are going to use the software, what your day-to-day business looks like, and how we might push to make it work all that much better.

That's where the work gets interesting. And with interest comes value. Just ask our current customers or contact us directly to start the dialog.