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Deploy Phase

In this phase the software has been built and tested per the develop phase and matches the specs laid out in the design phase. We're ready to deploy!Deploy Software

SSP will work with the client to schedule the production rollout of the new software. Depending on the project, this may include training from either SSP or one of our partners. We try to schedule the training either immediately before or after the production go live so that the users are able to immediately start using the new software. We have found great success using this pattern vs. doing training earlier in the project. When training occurs early and there is not a system in place to allow the users to practice and utilize their new skills, they often do not retain them. This can lead to increased frustration, project delays, and the need for significant retraining. So when we push for training near or at go-live know that it is for a specific, well-founded reason!

SSP will execute any documented procedures specific to the project such as data conversion routines, installations, configurations, and upgrades. During nost larger projects the SSP principal consultant will travel onsite to perform these tasks and will then remain onsite for a period of time to monitor the system, make any tweaks or adjustments and to address any issues that might arise. Our goal is to train your IT and/or GIS staff in how to manage the applications going forward and we are always happy to answer questions during the deployment phase. Once the software is up and running the users may immediately begin using the production environment.

The SSP staff often includes a post deployment support period over the weeks immediately following the production rollout. This allows SSP to be responsive if there are any unforseen complications or interactions with the production system. We always do everything possible to minimize this risk ahead of time but there can be certain impacts from the production system that may not be fully present in the testing phase. SSP will work with the client to resolve any issues that arise and will ensure that the client understands the changes that were made.

SupportAfter the post deployment support period there may be multiple options for continued support. First and foremost the client should fully utilize any available product support from our partners Esri and Telvent. Our customers pay for this support via their annual maintenance and both organizations have significant support teams ready and willing to respond to any product issues. If you have implemented an SSP product you will also have access to our standard product support teams. But there may also be issues related to the custom software that is specific to each client. SSP offers both annual extended support & maintenance (ESM) agreements as well as hourly based retainers to cover these needs. Please contact us for more information on these options.

Our goal is to ensure that you have successful implementation through all three phases of our software project process. Our business is only as good as our worst referral and we strive to ensure that our team brings maximum value to your organization on a project of any size.