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Change Control Management

SSP Innovations utilizes a standardized issue tracking system called BugNet which is available to customers via the internet. Individual projects are created within BugNet along with specific security and access to the projects.BugNetKey client project team members will be granted access to a project level login within BugNet. Our change control process starts with logging issues along with all pertinent detail (comments, attachments, etc) into BugNet. Upon submission the SSP project manager will review the issues and classify them further and/or add additional context. If the issue is clearly a bug within the conversion then the project manager will immediately assign it to an SSP team member to be worked. If the issue is a change or enhancement to the project, the project manager will classify it as such and mark it for the next change control board (CCB) meeting. 

Depending on the length of the client acceptance phase, CCB meetings will either be scheduled weekly or on an ad hoc basis based on the number of issues submitted within the BugNet system. The CCB meeting will consist of SSP and client team members. Each open issue will be reviewed by the group and it will be determined how to proceed. If the issue is an agreed upon enhancement, the SSP project manager will document all required detail and then turn it over to the SSP account manager to work the issue with the client. If there is additional cost associated with the enhancement a change request statement of work will be delivered to the client detailing the change request, the proposed resolution, and the cost. The client will be required to sign off on the change request before it will be worked by the SSP team.

As issues (enhancements or bugs) are completed within the project, the resolution details will be updated within BugNet. The issues will then be reviewed, accepted and closed by the client project staff.