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Client Testimonials

Any company can talk about itself, but the real proof is in what their clients say. SSP constantly works to deliver not just expertly implemented technology solutions, but to make sure that communication, organization and expectation all align for smooth and timely delivery. But again, that’s us saying it.

See what our clients have to say:

  • Zia

    Our experience with SSP Innovations was very positive. Our project manager was extremely knowledgeable and very patient with us. I am positive that their help and support was a key factor in the successful implementation of our GIS Platform. We still have a lot we want to do with GIS, but we have a strong base thanks to SSP. Thank you SSP!

    Teresa Neal

  • Connexus

    Very knowledgeable staff and great at sharing their knowledge. The SSP team was willing to give extra coaching where needed due to our inexperience.

    Don Henk

  • Portland General Electric

    The entire experience to date has been a pleasure. David was patient and diligent in dealing with folks on our side to get established as a vendor. The on-site workshop was genuinely enjoyable. Skye brings an awesome enthusiasm and breadth of experience. I walked away from the workshop with potential solutions I didn't even think were possible.

    Isaac King

  • CDOT

    The format of the training was very hands on, which I believe is the best way to learn new techniques and practices. Overall it was a great learning experience.

    Brandon Carrick

  • Middle Tennessee (MTEMC)

    Such a joy watching all of you work, you are all masters at your craft. My respect for SSP only grows every time we work together.

    An-Louise De Klerk

  • Hart EMC

    We needed to get the Inspections project up and running quickly so we leveraged SSP’s experience and tool set along with ArcGIS Online and had a working solution in one week. That’s the kind of solution a Co-Op with limited GIS resources like ours needs.

    Russell Shirley

  • Memphis Light Gas & Water

    Great solution provider and honest project partner. They treat you like they want you to be a customer for life.

  • Navajo Tribal Utility Authority

    We got Fiber Manager™ implemented and into production in less than a week. Excellent work!

  • Middle Tennessee (MTEMC)

    Working with SSP is one of the best decisions MTEMC GIS has made. Their exceptional solution design and excellent services are not only refreshing, but truly have transformed GIS at MTEMC.

    An-Louise De Klerk

  • EnergyUnited

    Thank you again for honest, professional, and convenient service. Please keep up the good work and down to earth way of doing business.

  • Jackson Energy Authority

    I intend to continue to call on SSP for GIS work and value the relationship and skill they have.

  • Memphis Light Gas & Water

    We got more than we expected. Jeff provided a lot of knowledge to help us analyze and improve the database on our own going forward. If SSP Innovations had been the project manager from the very beginning of the project, things would have gone better.

  • Southern Companies

    With our project completed, we now understand the capabilities and workflows necessary to leverage Portal for ArcGIS Server.

  • Tri-County Electric Cooperative

    It was great having quick responses to questions.

  • EnergyUnited

    SSP exceeded our expectations on this project as they always do. We not only receive exactly what we request from SSP, but walk away with better understanding and knowledge.


    Brian Higgins and Konstantin Korchakov were always great keeping us in the loop on where the project was. Any issues were quickly addressed. The documentation provided was really helpful for both installing and training purposes.

  • Memphis Light Gas & Water

    This was a fast and successful implementation which allowed MLGW to reap the benefits of the technology with a significant ROI.

    Michael Faulk

  • EWEB

    I enjoyed working with Dennise Ramirez during the Designer™ Evaluation, I think her findings and recommendations were very thorough and objective.

  • Glendale

    The software upgrade project goals and objectives were completed in a timely manner. Glendale-GWP required adjustments in the project schedule to thoroughly complete Unit Testing and confirm complex configuration tasks. SPP was flexible to allow time to finish, not rushing the project which helped customer satisfaction.

    Anthony De La Sota


    Documentation was clear and concise and helped me to be able to deploy the Disaster Recovery solution to production without additional assistance.

    Nathaniel Everett

  • Midwest Energy

    As an entire company, we were extremely pleased with the service and knowledge brought to us by the staff at SSP. I am excited to keep the relationship going for years to come.

    Matt Augustine


    It made a big difference to have the vendor onsite, both from a technical standpoint when unexpected troubleshooting occurs and the psychological benefit of knowing if we ran into trouble they would be ready to assist.

    Ryan Miller

  • Fayetteville

    SSP Innovations exceeded expectations throughout the project. This started with a very detailed project questionnaire, multiple discussions, and a comprehensive proposal. From the start of the project to the completion, SSP worked above and beyond to help FPWC accomplish a successful upgrade of the GIS system.

    Billy Canady

  • Middle Tennessee (MTEMC)

    Thanks for all your and your team's hard work for this project. With all the issues we had along the way, SSP found solutions and the implementation went smoothly. As a result, today there are very few issues with Designer. Thanks for making this project a success. I look forward to working with you all on the next project.

    Philip Davenport

  • Midwest Energy

    I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to be working with you guys!! I’ve probably spent more time on your website researching and watching case studies on how you guys have helped companies thrive. Which gets me excited on taking Midwest Energy to new levels.

    Matthew Augustine

  • Memphis Light Gas & Water

    For MLGW, being able to contract SSP Innovations to implement a solution in two weeks' time at a reasonable cost helped us tremendously. Being able to implement a TOTAL solution in two weeks was just great.

    Michael Faulk

  • EnergyUnited

    Whenever you hire a vendor you can generally expect to get about 70% of the value of their sales offering, but with SSP Innovations I feel like we got 130%. This was a fantastic project.

    Daniel Flowers

  • EWEB

    This was my first project work with SSP, and I was very pleased with the level of service that I received. Dean was very helpful in working with me in regards to the scope and estimating of the project. Also, the final deliverables were well documented and were easily integrated into our existing applications.

  • Garland Power & Light

    SSP does excellent work. I admire the commitment and hard work that they performed to ensure the success of our project! SSP did a great job of stepping up and taking technical leadership on this engagement.

  • Colorado DOT

    Brian Higgins was a huge help and successful in implementing our new feature classes to support CWDM and DWDM. Thanks Brian and SSP.

  • City of Houston

    Brian and Konstantin went above and beyond to help get everything in order and made sure that all of our needs were met by the end of the project. It was a pleasure working with them both.

    Kirt Arthur

  • Oconee County

    SSP is awesome, we would hire them again and again and again! Skye was great. It was a pleasure working with him.

  • Connexus

    Thanks for a great project and quality code.

  • Jackson Energy Authority

    Brian Higgins and the SSP personnel could not have been any better and could not have provided a better overall project outcome than they did. I have been very satisfied with the outcome.