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Business Benefits

We pledge to continually strive to understand your business - which we know is much more than technology. SSP embraces a solution-oriented approach which puts the focus on solving operational and workflow-related challenges as opposed to simply selling software.

Through our years of work in the utility industry we have learned that to justify the value we bring to your organization, we have to deliver solutions that are centered on four specific business drivers:

  • SafetySafety - Keeping both your crews and your customers safe is your number one priority and therefore it's ours as well. The systems we design have to provide up-to-date, accurate data representing the facilities you operate, the work you perform, and the processes you implement.

    We understand that any gap in this area could have dire consequences to those we care about most. That's why we approach every project understanding the implications of our work and understanding the value we can add by improving the way you do business and minimizing this risk through improving your GIS and work management systems.
  • Reliability - Your GIS and work management systems are mission-critical to the success of your utility, and as such, they must be as reliable as the infrastructure you install in the field. Our goal is to ensure your systems are available, current, and performing well when you need them the most.

    SSP has developed tools to maintain the health and performance of your GIS as well as the applications you need to ensure you meet the expectations of your reliability standards for planning and operating your networks, as well as the expectations your customers have of your service. You can count on SSP to deliver, so you can deliver as well.
  • Efficiency - The easiest way to improve your operational workflow is by finding new efficiencies in the processes you already perform. This is one of our favorite areas to implement our solution-oriented approach. We want to learn about what you do every day and use that information to find new innovative solutions that can fundamentally change how you get from point A to point B.

    There is a blend of technology that may include products, customization, and/or systems integration that will accelerate your operations in ways you can't even imagine. And we are passionate about innovating, designing, and implementing the solutions that will take your businesss to the next level.
  • Mobile AppsQuality - As we continue to evolve through the digital age of operations, the importance of the quality of our data has skyrocketed. The most powerful and elegant technical solutions will never reach their potential if there is not quality data to support the applications.

    Be it data conversion, data manipulation, data quality assurance or data translation, SSP has the experience and attention to detail required to ensure your data can fuel the fast-paced planning, analysis, and decision-making expected of your organization.

If our solutions don't tie back to one or more of these foundational principles, then we need to head back to the drawing board. Our agenda is motivated by your challenges and we appreciate every opportunity to learn, explore, and create solutions that will have a true impact throughout your organization.