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Utility Network Jumpstart Package

What is the Utility Network Jumpstart?

The SSP Utility Network Jumpstart is a way to test drive the Utility Network today. The jumpstart includes two days of on-site training with experts in the Utility Network and ArcGIS Pro, as well as licensing configuration, a fully hosted Utility Network sandbox, and training in common workflows (e.g., tracing). Even better? You get to keep your fully hosted sandbox for two weeks of usage — for as many users as you want — after your on-site training is on. Your sandbox can use Esri sample data or a subset of your own data (converted to the Utility Network data model using SSP’s migration toolset). This is an expert-led workshop tailored to your unique utility or telco needs.

Why Try the Utility Network Jumpstart from SSP?

Utility Network Jumpstart

If you tried to set up the Utility Network on your own, you'd likely be met with some challenges. You'd need to create a dedicated server, get a beta license from Esri, configure the Utility Network and ArcGIS Pro, and devote resources to mastering new workflows required in the new UX and backend — all before you could even begin getting your hands dirty with the beta.

SSP gets rid of these challenges. We bring a fully hosted sandbox right to your doorstep, ready to use, and we also bring best practices so you have confidence in the technology. In addition to this, there are four more reasons to try the Utility Network Jumpstart: 

  1. You Skip the Setup — SSP handles all the configuration and setup. We like to say we can get you working on the Utility Network in as little as an hour. 
  2. You Try the Utility Network in Beta — Gain a general understanding of the use and administration of the Utility Network. In addition, you'll become more familiar with the intricacies of ArcGIS Pro. Finally, your jumpstart lets you compare the user experience of the Utility Network with what you're used to in the geometric network. 
  3. You Can Influence Esri — Provide valuable feedback to Esri (and SSP) so that we may improve the beta to fit your business needs (front end and back end). In addition, you can continue being a leader in the EGUG community and confident within your utility about the future of this critical technology. 
  4. You Foster Early Adoption — Begin the path toward successful change management by better understanding what and how to communicate about this change to your user base.

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What Does a Utility Network Jumpstart Include?

Your Utility Network Jumpstart comes with three things to get you going: 

  1. Your fully hosted Utility Network sandbox — You get TWO WEEKS of sandbox usage for as many users as you want, after the on-site training. 
  2. Two days of on-site training — This includes training in Pro, tracing, editing, and more 
  3. Access to utility GIS experts — In fact, SSP has been working with Esri for more than a year to influence the direction of the Utility Network. We can give you more insight into the Utility Network than almost any similar provider out there.

Ready to Try the Utility Network Today? 

Contact Dean Perry or Dave Blodgett at SSP.

Dean and Dave can tell you how to get started with a Utility Network Jumpstart at your office today. Click here to send us a message online, call us at (720) 229-0227 or email Please mention you saw this webpage. 

Would You Like More Information First?  

Download a Utility Network Jumpstart flier to share with other stakeholders at your workplace.