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SSP Pipeline Practice: Improving Integrity Nationwide

Your Pipeline Practice has a LOT of Questions to Answer! 

ssp pipeline practice

Let the SSP Pipeline Practice help.

We offer technology, architecture, data management, and integrity management solutions.


Model and Share Your Data Securely

Develop your best GIS environment for editing, reporting, and analyzing your pipeline network. SSP helps you take full advantage of the market-leading ArcGIS platform for accessing, sharing, and analyzing your pipeline data.

ssp pipeline practice

PLATFORM: We establish your desktop environment

Get industry leading software, hardware, upgrades and configurations. SSP sets up ... 

WEB VIEWERS: We get you online

Save time, refine workflows, and configure web workflows with these best practices.

  • Let us build web viewers for both distribution and transmission, fit for users of all levels
  • We’ll also configure web editors, securely with Portal for ArcGIS and/or ArcGIS Online
  • Your editors are tied to your ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing, and event edits are configured to trigger controlled reactions

APPS & TOOLS: We set up your modern GIS tools, including:

Put historic workflows on modern apps, so you eliminate paper workflows, reduce desktop logins, and improve accuracy. Our specialties include:

  • Configuring Collector for ArcGIS, so your crews access and update internal datasets from secured mobile environments, online or offline
  • Equipping crews with sophisticated attribute collection and consumption forms, through Survey123, for seamless data pushes to your enterprise GIS environment
  • And a lot more (please ask)

INTEGRATIONS: We integrate your GIS

Get the full picture of your pipeline operations by turning your GIS into a true system of record. GIS integrations are able to:

  • Connect with nearly any pipeline system (e.g., asset management, workforce management, analytical tools, historical reporting)
  • Reduce manual exports, email statuses, and extra meetings
  • Cut manual workflows and duplication issues


Spot Correlations in a Connected Information Environment

Build a clear, defensible view of your pipeline. SSP guides you through the monumental effort of locating assets, retrieving supporting documentation, linking documents, updating attributes, loading new datasets, and more — so you can accelerate reporting, easily keep historical records, and increase confidence in your calculations.

SSP will help set up: 

ssp pipeline practice

SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH: We centralize your data

Produce your centerline’s most accurate spatial representation. SSP can help you locate and understand the scope of your data, through:

  • Documentation consolidation (purchasing documents, as-builts, construction designs, maintenance records, work orders, GIS surveys, CAD data, inspections, and countless more)
  • Data scanning and matching
  • Geo-rectification of all your information

RELIABLE DATA MODELING: We give you a glimpse into your asset location

Know what’s in the ground without physically walking the line. SSP gives you a defensible pipeline representation to support all downstream calculations and accurately dispatch field crews, by:

  • Tying spatial representations of your pipeline to supporting documents
  • Linking every attribute to your spatial representation


Spend More Time Monitoring Results, Less Time Gathering Data

Achieve a safer, more reliable and environmentally sound pipeline operation. SSP helps you build a single frame of reference for all decision-makers.

ssp pipeline practice

ACCESS: We build your single source of truth Become analyzers and updaters working off reliable information. SSP helps you understand where the real work needs to be done by:

  • Enabling access to your GIS platform from any device, any time
  • Eliminating distributed and disconnected information gathering and calculations

DASHBOARDS: We engage your whole organization

Let everyone from your CEO to contractors engage your system of record, regardless of GIS experience. SSP uses a template approach to build easy-to-consume maps that let anyone

  • View dashboard summaries of information of interest
  • Spot spatial correlations and determine best schedule and budget use

MODELING: We build your best risk models

Make stronger, more defensible decisions, even on short turnarounds, thanks to:

  • Comprehensive spatial data inputs beyond just your centerline
  • Complete exploration of all potential risk factors o Stronger data models with refined values for both relative and probabilistic calculations

HISTORY: We expose data over time

Easily compare year-over-year changes, including MOAP and HCA calculations. SSP makes it easy to supply historic snapshots of your pipeline, by:

  • Setting up historical schemes to preserve datasets and inputs from past regulatory submittals and risk inputs
  • Making it easy to pull historical pipeline features from a specific time in the past

About SSP Director of Pipeline Clarke Wiley

ssp pipeline practice

SSP Director of Pipeline Clarke Wiley has spent a career exclusively serving domestic and international pipeline operators, including Fortune 500 and 1000 operators. Clarke leads the SSP Pipeline Practice in the following oil and gas services:

  • Enterprise GIS solutions
  • Esri deployment patterns
  • System design and upgrades
  • Database management, integrations
  • Cloud and hosted GIS solutions
  • Database design and consulting
  • Data collection, conversion, migrations, and modeling
  • Pipeline integrity (TIMP, DIMP)
  • Project management
  • Large-scale GIS hardware, software and database implementations

ssp pipeline practice

“In a lot of cases, I’ve seen pipeline operators with one, ten, or twenty miles, and their analysis takes more time than it takes the larger operators, because they’re satisfying their integrity management requirements manually. Upgrading the technology, data, and integrity management program at operators of all sizes is a benefit to each pipeline operation, large or small.” - Clarke Wiley

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The SSP Pipeline Practice combines these pipeline-specific offerings with SSP’s extensive and award-winning experience in Esri platform. Contact us today to learn how the SSP Pipeline Practice can help you met your needs.