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Schneider Electric & Esri Product Implementation

SSP has significant experience implementing both the Esri and Schneider Electric core products and can guide a utility through GIS implementations and upgrades from start to finish.

GIS projects often start with the installations and configuration of the geodatabase. SSP can provide GIS-DBA services for the following platforms: 

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2016: SSP has experience in installation, configuration, security, geodata administration, and backup routines within SQL Server. With the recent advances in performance, SQL Server should be a strong competitor for geodatabases of any size.
  • Oracle 10G, 11G, 12C: SSP has significant experience with managing security, tablespaces and geodata administration on the Oracle platform. We also have experience with Oracle installations on the Windows 32- and 64-bit operating systems.
  • Personal GDB: SSP is well-versed in administering Microsoft Access personal geodatabases and Esri File geodatabases including importing and exporting data from a centralized enterprise GIS.

As an Esri Platinum Partner, the SSP team works with the full suite of Esri software. Our Esri implementation experience includes the following major products: Esri

  • ArcSDE: This follows suit with the core database installation and configuration. SSP can lead your implementation of ArcSDE on top of either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. This would typically include initializing the geodatabase, data modeling, configuration, and security.
  • ArcGIS Desktop: This is the foundational engine that powers the GIS. SSP has implemented and trained clients on all flavors of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap, ArcCatalog) including Citrix installation and administration.
  • ArcGIS Server: Server extends your geodatabase to the web via both interactive GIS web sites and web services that may feed other applications. SSP has the skills to install, configure and tune your ArcGIS Server instance as well as implementation of the Esri ArcGIS Server web applications.
  • ArcGIS Online: SSP is proud to be one of Esri's top ten ArcGIS Online partners in the US. We can assist with setting up your ArcGIS Online account, creating interactive web maps and applications, and building hooks into your existing ArcGIS Server web services.
  • ArcGIS Engine: Engine has fueled the mobile collection arm of Esri clients for a number of years. SSP has implemented Engine in support of several mobile applications including Schneider Electric's ArcFM Viewer™ for Engine. The Schneider Electric products extend the base Esri products with utility-specific functionality for electric, gas, water, and fiber organizations. SSP has extensive experience across the entire Schneider Electric product line.

SSP has a long, successful track record of ArcFM™ suite consulting dating back to 2007.  Our implementation, customization and intergration services surrounding the ArcFM™ suite are what our company was built on. Our specific experience includes the following major products:

  • ArcFM™: This is the core platform for utility asset management within the GIS. SSP has implemented ArcFM™ at countless utilities across the US including the specific functionality for Electric (Feeder Manager), Gas, and Water tracing and editing. These implementations most often also include Session Manager for the simplified workflow and version management within an Esri GIS.
  • Designer™: The ArcFM™ suite can be extended to include compatible unit work design via the graphical estimating tools included in Designer™. SSP has implemented both out-of-the-box Designer™ projects as well as heavily customized/integrated Designer™ projects. Designer™ has also been pre-integrated to SSP's own Workforce Management product including full configuration of Workflow Manager for workflow and version management within an Esri GIS.
  • ArcFM Server™: SSP is a market leader for the implementation of ArcFM Server™ - both out-of-the-box and with customizations. In recent years this has focused on the ArcFM Server™ for Silverlight solution and SSP will stay current with Schneider Electric's shift toward HTML 5 and the Javascript API. ArcFM Server™ builds upon Esri ArcGIS Server. SSP can implement ArcGIS Server and ArcFM Server™ from the ground up using best practices learned across the utility industry.
  • Fiber Manager™: SSP is one of the few companies that can implement Fiber Manager™ and has experience with both the standard and the flexible data models. SSP has worked with utilities and private telecom groups to install and configure the fiber tools including tracing, reporting, and even support for CDWM/DWDM.
  • Conduit Manager™: This is an extension to ArcFM™ that allows for the duct cross section management of direct buried trenches and conduit banks. Conduit Manager™ will typically be configured in conjunction with either ArcFM™ for Electric or Fiber Manager™ to allow for the tracking of underground cables within specific ducts.
  • Responder™: Schneider Electric's own Outage Management System (OMS) leverages a utility's investment in ArcFM™. SSP can install and configure Responder™ to allow utilities to take advantage of incident management, predictive outages, and restoration directly within the GIS. Responder™ implementations include Responder™ Server, Responder™ Web, Responder™ Explorer, and Responder™ Archive Explorer.
  • ArcFM Viewer™ for Engine: This application is a light-weight ArcGIS Engine product typically utilized for mobile viewing, redlining and inspections of utility data. SSP has experience implementing all of the components necessary to get Viewer up and running including ArcFM™ Replication Server, the mobile PX framework, and the Viewer client software including round-trip data flows for redlining and inspections.
  • Geodatabase Manager™: This server-based application handles the batch reconcile and posting process as a windows service. SSP has installed and configured GDBM at many utilities to maximize geodatabase performance and health while automating the posting process for ArcFM™ Sessions and Designs.