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ArcGIS Online Success Stories

Variations of this basic plan have successfully put ArcGIS Online in use at many customers including:

  • Burbank Water & Power

    Web Outage Map. Provided a public-facing outage map and patterns to create future webmaps via ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server.


  • EnergyUnited

    Web GIS Viewer. This project provided a platform replacement of EnergyUniteds legacy web GIS viewer.


  • Hart EMC

    Field Asset Inspection. This app allows Hart's field inspectors to collect asset information on their device of choice and broker it to the back office through ArcGIS Online. The application's functionality also includes the transfer of this data into the existing ArcFM™ data model using a custom integration application.


  • Jackson Energy Association

    Field Data Collection Automation. The project provided a scalable and robust capability for processing gathered Collector App data into the JEA ArcFM™ environment, via the installation of ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online, and a custom app for data transfer after collection.


  • Memphis Light Gas & Water

    Comprehensive Meter Data Collection. This project provided a solution for MLGW to easily capture extensive before-and-after asset data during a large-scale meter change-out program.



  • Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corp

    Transformer Load Report. This exposed transformer loading statistics based on customer consumption to field troubleshooters who used it to make decisions about new transformer sizing.


  • NiSource

    Collection of Field Inspection Data. This installation of ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online utilized Active Directory authentication via SAML and safely exposed the back-office data to the field while enabling mobile collection of new data for inspections, etc.

  • NSight

    Telecom Data Collection. This installation allowed a large telecom to capture its field asset data into a new GIS database.

  • Intermountain REA

    Streetlight Collection. This ArcGIS Online installation enables the collection of streetlight data from the field. The streetlights were then synced back into the ArcFM™ database via a custom application.

  • CoServ Electric

    Field Asset Inspection. This project included installation of ArcGIS Server, ArcFM Server and ArcGIS Online, allowing CoServ personnel to use a hand-held mobile device to view, trace, capture and send to the back-office inspection information and content regarding its electric facilities.

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