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  • Versioning for Dummies: Part 2, the State ID

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    In our first article of this series published last month we covered the basics of ESRI versioning including how adds, deletes, and updates are managed within the versioned geodatabase. We explained that a version in the geodatabase is not a copy of the base business tables but is instead simply a mechanism for tracking the delta changes to the base business tables by using the Add & Delete (A&D) tables. And we took a look at how to locate the corresponding A&D tables for each base business table and the structure of each...
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  • Integrating WMS - GIS to Support Asset Unitization: Part 2

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    In the previous installment of Integrating Work Management Systems (WMS) with Geographic Information System (GIS) the initial stages of the asset unitization process were described.
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  • Useful Scripts for the Non-Programmer: Checking the History of Your SDE Compresses

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    Utility GIS users often have a large number of versions and therefore a large number of edits in their geodatabases. If you have implemented an ESRI versioned geodatabase you have almost assuredly put in a plan to run regular SDE compress operations (if you haven’t, you really need to because your performance will eventually assuredly suck.)...
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  • Questions & Answers about VB Development in Future Releases of ArcGIS

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    So, your GIS department has been developing applications for ArcGIS using Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) for a long time now. You may have heard a rumor that Esri is ending VB support with ArcGIS 10.1. What do you do? The short answer: start planning soon.
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  • Enhance your QA

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    Here are some common questions I hear from QA managers in Esri versioned environments: How do I view and QAQC ALL the edits in a version? How do I know I'm not missing something? Is there any way to audit the edits that have been performed? In other words, WHO did WHAT, WHEN and WHERE? Sound familiar? Alas! There is an answer. SSP has created a simple tool that can answer each of the above questions and put your mind at ease...
  • Versioning for Dummies: Part 1

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    So maybe you’re not really a dummy at all but instead you are a GIS manager who wants and/or needs to understand ESRI versioning. This is one of the most common topics we are asked about in the consulting field and a good one to unpack here in layman’s terms. This is the first in a series of articles that will help to understand versioning as well as provide some useful version management tips and tools. There are many articles out there that define what versioning is but we’re going to attempt to get behind the scenes to look at how versioning works...
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