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Case Studies

  • Maximizing Fiber Manager™ - Simple Config for Major Value

    We recently had the opportunity to implement Telvent Fiber Manager at a location other than a utility or a municipality which was an exciting prospect because it’s not the norm. This client was instead a private, for-profit company who designs, installs, and sells fiber to both businesses and end users.
  • Gas Customer Analysis: A Business Solution

    This month I wanted to continue looking at some unique customer solutions that have provided great value within a utility. Before I dig into this month’s specific topic, I wanted to briefly review why certain GIS-based solutions make such a large operational difference and provide the greatest return on investment...
    Categories: Gas, GIS, Integration, Skye Perry
  • Network Tracing By Color

    We recently had a request from a client to create a custom ArcMap trace that could change colors depending on the features it encountered as it traced out the network. This was an intriguing challenge and we wanted to share it with the community to see where else this concept might be used...