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Circuit Display Tool Displays Individual Circuits In ArcMap

Circuit Display Tool This article will highlight the design and functionality of a simple circuit display tool for ArcMap. This tool will leverage ArcFM™ Feeder Manager in order to display individual electric circuits. The purpose is to build a graphic on top of the layer to only allow visibility on a particular circuit based on the feeder id. This will allow the user to target specific circuits, and it will enable the user to see all visible layers without having to worry about any other distractions on the map.

Circuit Display Tool: Choosing Your Selection 

Based on the out of the box Feeder Manager we can search through the CircuitSource table and grab feeder name in order to populate the drop down.

Circuit Display Tool


Once the user has chosen the desired circuit, the circuit display tool will search through simple/complex electric edges layer in order to trace the selected circuit. There will be a configurable buffer in place in order to span from the segment traced. This will allow the user to display how much data he/she wants visible on the graphic container. The graphic container is the white layer that will be placed to cover the map except for the traced circuit.

Circuit Display Tool

In the image above, you can clearly see the individual circuit that was traced. At this point, the user can zoom into distinct parts of the circuit and do any work relative to the given view. This eliminates any unnecessary content of the map without disabling any layers. This allows the user to focus in certain features that is part of the circuit.

We can also clear the graphic from the first button on the circuit display form. This will clear out the graphic that was generated by the circuit display tool. In other words, if you have other graphics on the map, it won’t clear anything else other than the graphic created by the circuit display tool. 

Circuit Display Tool

The view without the graphic container can be congested since there are so many layers present in the table of content. So, the key benefit of the circuit display tool is to eliminate any other distractions on the map and just converge on one circuit at a time.

Looking Ahead

This is just one example of how to make your active view clear and exclude distractions of all the layers you may have turned on without disabling anything on the map. Of course, there are other possibilities where we can extend this functionality for other solutions!

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