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SSP Innovations Rebrand is Announced Ahead of GeoConX 2017

SSP Innovations Rebrand

Lifecycle, Geospatial, and Infrastructure Branding Shows How SSP Will Approach Client Challenges

DENVER, Aug. 31, 2017 — SSP Innovations, the leading Esri Platinum Partner in geospatial solutions for energy and telecommunications organizations, announced today its product rebrand. 

The rebrand comes on the heels of SSP’s announcement it has expanded its consulting practice to include a holistic approach to utility solutions architecture. The rebrand is expected to help clients take a larger view of their technology so they gain more ROI out of investments. 

Three product groups are included in the rebrand: Lifecycle, Geospatial, and Infrastructure. 

About the SSP Lifecycle Product Group

SSP Innovations Rebrand - LifecycleThe SSP Lifecycle product includes SSP Lifecycle Work (formerly WFM) and SSP Lifecycle Assets (formerly AssetLife and Transformer Manager). 

SSP Lifecycle Work lets users streamline enterprise work management through a mobile, web-based solution that comes pre-integrated with mobile work management (MWM) and graphic work design (GWD). SSP Lifecycle Work is also easily integrated with systems used by other utility departments, such as ERP, CIS, and GIS. 

SSP Lifecycle Assets is a cyclical asset management tool. By tracking the full lifecycle of a cyclical asset, SSP Lifecycle Assets helps users gain better understanding of the location, depreciation, and maintenance history/regulatory testing per cyclical asset, which are among the most expensive at a utility. Click here for a more in depth look at SSP Lifecycle.

About the SSP Geospatial Product Group

SSP Innovations Rebrand - SyncThe SSP Geospatial product group includes all solutions directly tied to GIS.  

SSP Sync is another Utility Network solution. Sync lets users migrate from the Geometric Network to the new Utility Network. Sync is structured to allow for regularly scheduled publication of Geometric Network data to the Utility Network to let utilities migrate at an incremental and comfortable pace. 

SSP Maintenance, formerly Nightly Batch Suite (NBS), enables users to gain endless efficiencies through its basic updating framework. With Maintenance, users are able to regularly schedule bulk updates from the GIS to another system, or vice versa. 

SSP Productivity is a new Utility Network extension that lets users edit and analyze Utility Network data in ArcGIS Pro and perform GIS data maintenance and Utility Network management. Productivity closes the gap between the powerful out-of-the-box Utility Network technology and typical utility editing and analysis business requirements. 

SSP Delta, formerly All Edits Report & QA/QC, is a tool for utilities to understand who did what, where, and when in the GIS. With Delta, you gain complete control over tracking edits made within your versioned data. 

SSP Replay, formerly All Edits State Zero, lets users get to State Zero without losing versions, perform maintenance or other critical work such as conflation, and then replay all edits without disrupting operations.

About the SSP Infrastructure Product Group

SSP Innovations Rebrand - AMI SimThe SSP Infrastructure product group is a three-solution suite that enables utilities to stay competitive by taking advantage of AMI.  

SSP AMI Sim, formerly Paleon AMI Sim, lets users simulate the data coming from an AMI deployment before installing any meters. These advanced simulations help identify and resolve challenges before they exist in a physical network. 

SSP AMI Ops, formerly Paleon AMI Ops, lets users monitor and manage the AMI with complete visibility into operations.

SSP AMI Intel, formerly Paleon AMI Intel, lets users understand customer behavior, manage load, and optimize rates through fast and easy access to historical AMI data. 

Questions about the SSP Innovations Rebrand?

The SSP product rebrand will not affect current or prospective customers. However, you may hear our team refer to these new product groups, and we encourage you to ask questions. 

Have a question about the rebrand? Please contact us

SSP Innovations Rebrand Cheatsheet:

Your guide to the new product names: (scroll over logos to see the old product names)

SSP Innovations Rebrand - LifecycleFormerly WFM, AssetLife, and Transformer Manager

Comprehensive enterprise work and cyclical asset management solution

SSP Innovations Rebrand - Maintenance

Formerly Nightly Batch Suite (NBS) 

- Regular GIS and external systems updates

SSP Innovations Rebrand - Productivity


- Editing, analysis, and work management in ArcGIS Pro with Utility Network Data

SSP Innovations Rebrand - Sync


- Utility Network migration and publication

SSP Innovations Rebrand - Delta

Formerly All Edits Report & QA/QC

- Editing management in versioned data

SSP Innovations Rebrand - Replay

Formerly All Edits State Zero 

- Getting to State Zero and back 

SSP Innovations Rebrand - AMI SimFormerly Paleon AMI Sim 

- Simulate AMI data before installing any meters to run advanced simulations and identify challenges before they exist in the physical network 

SSP Innovations Rebrand - AMI OpsFormerly Paleon AMI Ops

- Monitor and manage AMI with complete visibility into operations 

SSP Innovations Rebrand: AMI IntelFormerly Paleon AMI Intel

- Understand customer behavior, manage load, and optimize rates through fast and easy access to historical AMI data 

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