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  • Integrating GIS and CIS: Handling Versioned and Unversioned Data

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    While working on a Designer™ integration project for MTEMC, we developed a solution to create a GIS relationship between a versioned feature class (a service location) and an unversioned object class (a data table with customer information). This relationship would allow for Customer Information System (CIS) data to be kept up to date with a nightly export of data without having to re-draw any features in the GIS.
  • What is Logical Circuit Provisioning? How Does it Work with GIS?

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    Understanding telecommunications networks is not an easy undertaking. The infrastructure is quite complex and ever-changing. Your company may manage a telecom network today, or will be inheriting one in the future. This article will attempt to explain the fundamentals of the logical network within the physical network and how this integrates to a GIS world.
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