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ALLETE (Minnesota Power) hires SSP for ArcFM™ custom AU and Tool Documentation

ALLETE (Minnesota Power) has contracted with SSP to provide consulting support to document the functionality and develop standard test cases for series of custom Schneider Electric Auto Updaters (AUs) and  other GIS tools maintained in their Geographic Information System (GIS).

The goal of the project is outline how each tool works and to develop proper test plans and background for each AU and custom tool.  Additionally, SSP will assist with documenting the Minnesota Power mobile implementation process.

SSP will provide evaluation and guidance on best practices for how to deploy a schema change/initial extract process for their ArcFM™ Viewer application. The code documentation project began in March and is expected to be completed in April.

ALLETE's Minnesota Power electric utility serves 144,000 residents, 16 municipalities and some of the nation's largest industrial customers.

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    Jessica Hartbauer

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