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SSP Partners with AED-SICAD
to Bring UT Smart Apps to the U.S.

DENVER, Sept. 26, 2016 — Maintaining stability in the electric grid is one of the major challenges for utilities in the field of renewable energy. At times when consumption of energy is not at peak levels, we now see increases and drops in the secondary voltage network due to energy producing sources such as solar panels and wind turbines installed at the customer level. These instabilities need to be managed properly and should be assessed before customers install new renewable energy sources.

AED-SICAD is a Germany-based company with a rich history in servicing utility customers around the world. They have a deep understanding of the workflows within utility companies based on two decades of experience in the market. AED-SICAD's recent work has included the development of the AED-SICAD UT Smart Apps: PLAN, EDIT, and CALC. These apps will allow utilities to quickly evaluate whether renewable energy sources such as consumer-installed solar panels or wind turbines can be connected to and supported by the existing grid. The various applications allow testing based on differing technical and financial scenarios.

UT Smart Apps

The UT Smart Apps provide simple and fast tools to conduct network impact analysis of adding renewable energy sources via network calculations alongside the ability to plan and sketch alternative solutions to mitigate any issues. These tools help utilities to fulfill their legal obligations for use of renewable energy while ensuring the integrity of the grid. For more information on the UT Smart Apps, please review the product page on AED-SICAD's website.

The requirements surrounding adding consumer-grade renewable energy sources exist in the United States though most sources admit that Europe, in general, is much further ahead in the context of the renewable energy movement. The UT Smart Apps will help US utilities effectively embrace renewable energy as we continue to move toward regulated renewable generation while drawing on the lessons learned from our European counterparts.

AED-SICAD has partnered with SSP Innovations to provide implementation services in the US surrounding the UT Smart Apps. We look forward to this evolving relationship and to pairing our extensive utility consulting and implementation experience with the exceptional products from AED-SICAD. Of immediate note, AED-SICAD will be presenting on the UT Smart Apps at the Esri GeoConX conference related to their flagship customer, EWE:

Title: “EWE in Germany Uses Apps to Analyze Impact of Prosumers”
Date: Oct. 19, 2016
Time: 10:50 AM – 11:20 AM

You can also visit AED-SICAD in booth number #329 for more information on the UT Smart Apps.

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