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Skye Perry

Skye Perry

Skye Perry is a CEO for SSP Innovations and has provided technical architecture, development, and management solutions for GIS-centered implementations since 2000. Skye's roots tie back to Convergent Group, Miner & Miner, and Enspiria Solutions where he has focused on implementing Esri GIS customizations and system integrations. Today Skye is still involved on a number of SSP's project implementations and supports technical marketing in addition to leading the company.

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    ArcFM™ Replication Bug - Bad Login User

    We encountered a strange replication bug at 10.0.3 - bad login user - and wanted to post the workarounds to save you the time!
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    Mobile Data Collection with ArcFM Viewer™

    ArcFM™ Viewer can be customized to collect new feature data which can be seamlessly sent to the back office GIS using product functionality.
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    SSP Offices Closed 12/24 Thru 1/1

    The SSP offices will be closed for the holiday break starting on Monday, December 24th reopening on Wednesday, January 2nd. Our staff may not be monitoring email during this time period...
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    Configuring WFM Using the Administration Tool

    This is the first of two articles covering the SSP WFM Administration tool which can be used to manage most of the configuration within SSP Workforce Management including workflow, picklists, and custom functionality.
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    Customer Engagement Using ArcGIS Online

    Explore a practical example of collecting streetlight outages from customers utilizing ArcGIS Online integrated to the back office.
  • Blog Post / News Item

    Powerful Utility Reporting with ArcGIS Online

    I wanted to switch gears to a powerful use for ArcGIS Online in utilities - creating killer interactive reports for planning and projections (without any GIS expertise).
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    Pole Inspections on Your iPad via ArcGIS Online

    Last month I wrote about the new ArcGIS Online functionality at 10.1 and why you should care. We were excited to see that there was a lot of interest in the topic which hopefully means you are already digging into the technology! This month I wanted to provide you with a look at our first utility demo implementation which focuses on the very common task of pole inspections.
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    ArcGIS Online at 10.1 and Why You Should Care

    If you’ve attended any Esri conference, presentation, or strategic meeting in the last 6 months you’ve undoubtedly heard about Esri’s new focus on ArcGIS Online accompanying the release of 10.1. We, like you, have received the pitch a number of times from just about every account manager, marketing rep, and consultant we know. And we, like you, have brought up our concerns regarding the viability and security of the new model. We’re relatively stubborn folks at SSP but luckily Esri has been consistently pushing the ArcGIS Online message and I’m excited to say they have won us over. And we think you should take a look at where ArcGIS Online might fit within your organization.
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    Designer™ CU Filter Tags & WMS Auto-Tagging

    Last month Dean Perry covered the new Telvent Designer™ CU Filter tool that was released at version 10.0.3. The new tool allows the user to search for compatible units (CU’s) by using any part of the CU name and to configure various types of filters to quickly reduce the number of CU’s that are being searched against. This is very cool functionality which makes locating specific CU’s in Designer™ much, much faster. In this article we want to focus on the new Tag Filters, how they are configured and how we might automate them from an external work management system (WMS) like SSP’s Workforce Manager.
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    Is Your Electric Data Ready for Prime Time Usage?

    This month I wanted to turn my attention back to another Telvent Feeder Manager topic that has generated a lot of interest over the last few years. More and more electric utilities are building integrations and/or interfaces to outage management systems (OMS), distribution planning systems (DPS), and engineering analysis systems (EA). The expansion of these system touch points has placed an ever-increasing importance on the integrity of your electric data within the GIS. A simple connectivity issue or incorrect attribute in the GIS can have ramifications far beyond the mistake itself because those GIS data properties affect the modeled flow of electricity, the extents of the individual circuits, and even the energized phases.