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Justin Rowsell

Justin Rowsell is a software consultant for SSP Innovations. He has had experience developing software in the oil and gas industry, including creating and developing web applications. Justin is forming a strong foundation in GIS as he contributes to a variety of GIS solutions. 

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    SSP Client Spotlight: Our Field Trip To IREA

    Earlier this year, eight of SSP’s employees took a field trip out to a local utility, Intermountain Rural Electric Association or IREA for short. SSP has a long standing, working relationship with IREA and because of that, they were generous enough to invite us out for a morning tour of their facilities. A few of IREA’s employees were even nice enough to take part of their day to show us around themselves. Duane Holt of IREA started the tour by giving us an overview of how a utility functions. After that, he showed us the GIS office, then took us back to the stock yard where the Safety Supervisor, Brian Hinks took over. Brian spent the rest of the morning walking us through their inventory while stopping to answer questions and explain each piece of inventory. We were able to ask questions on a wide range of equipment, including everything from transformers to poles.
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    Naming GIS Features: What's Really in a Name?

    In this blog post, SSP shows how relevant naming of features can tell one vital information without having to read anything other than the name. The post will also discuss ArcFM AutoUpdaters as an effective method to assure data consistency.
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