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Joseph Arnold

Joseph Arnold is a Software Consultant for SSP Innovations. Joe provides end-to-end project support, from solution identification through development and testing. Joe has worked on projects ranging from upgrades to integrations and more. From the Colorado area, he enjoys talking clients through support during the SSP method of solution-oriented problem solving.

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    Integrating GIS and CIS: Handling Versioned and Unversioned Data

    While working on a Designer™ integration project for MTEMC, we developed a solution to create a GIS relationship between a versioned feature class (a service location) and an unversioned object class (a data table with customer information). This relationship would allow for Customer Information System (CIS) data to be kept up to date with a nightly export of data without having to re-draw any features in the GIS.
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    A Holiday Wishlist for Developers in 2016

    Looking for a holiday gift for the developer in your life? Try one of these ideas from SSP Software Consultant Joe Arnold's holiday wishlist for developers in 2016.
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