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Our team of industry experts uses tested & distilled best-practices to craft solutions which are tailor-fit to your utility, and make your operations safer, more efficient, and more reliable.

GIS Solutions
Workforce Management
GIS Solutions

Utility GIS Solutions Put Work on the Map

We do implementation & integration of the full line of Esri and Schneider Electric software – from comprehensive, ground-up solutions to optimizing and expanding what you already have. Our focus isn’t just deploying software, but working with you to assess your needs and then craft a solution that best fits your scenario – based on our combined 100+ years of industry experience drawn from our key players’ history of working for Esri, Schneider Electric, and Autodesk. 

Not all implementations are equal

Efficient Workforce Management Tools

Based on our deep experience with integrating and streamlining how utilities get work done, we take a systematic approach to implementing tried-and-true methods of tracking, communication, forecasting and evaluating your projects & processes. Then, by tying together an integrated workflow with your different job components, we help you unleash your real potential through cost savings, efficiency, and post-completion analysis.

Integrated management gets things done

SSP Products Enable Smarter Workflows

We have been creating powerful & efficient tools for clients long enough that we have seen a number of common challenges that many utility companies face. That’s why we have packaged up some of our most popular solutions and enhancements into convenient add-ons that can be deployed to take your insight, reporting, and management to the next level and really let your utility maximize what it delivers to your customers.

Empowerment through expert tools

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  • Fayetteville

    SSP Innovations exceeded expectations throughout the project. This started with a very detailed project questionnaire, multiple discussions, and a comprehensive proposal. From the start of the project to the completion, SSP worked above and beyond to help FPWC accomplish a successful upgrade of the GIS system.

    Billy Canady

  • Middle Tennessee (MTEMC)

    Thanks for all your and your team's hard work for this project. With all the issues we had along the way, SSP found solutions and the implementation went smoothly. As a result, today there are very few issues with Designer. Thanks for making this project a success. I look forward to working with you all on the next project.

    Philip Davenport

  • Middle Tennessee (MTEMC)

    Working with SSP is one of the best decisions MTEMC GIS has made. Their exceptional solution design and excellent services are not only refreshing, but truly have transformed GIS at MTEMC.

    An-Louise De Klerk

  • [ Oct 10Skye Perry ]

    Esri Utility Network - Topology, Tiers, & Subnetworks, Oh My!

    SSP continues a multi-part series on the data model utilized by the new Esri Utility Network. This month we tie many concepts together as we discuss the new network topology along with tiers within your domain network which provide the context for subnetworks (circuits, pressure systems, etc.).
  • [ Oct 09Skye Perry ]

    Cityworks for Electric Inspections

    Cityworks can be used as an Asset Management System for Electric and Gas utilities. In this post we explore a transformer inspection use case showing how the back office Cityworks platform works seamlessly with Cityworks mobile for iOS.
  • What You Missed at Pipeline Week 2016

    Were you unable to attend this year's Pipeline Week Conference? SSP Innovations was there and this post summarizes the great technical sessions, upcoming database releases and social fun!